A New Initiative to Improve Children’s Mental Health

Today’s children are exposed to stress related to homework, social pressure, the unprecedented global pandemic, and excessive media use more than ever.

KidsLoop, dedicated to children’s education through creativity, emotional engagement, and active learning since 2011, is launching a new project to help our little young minds be focused, relaxed, and confident.

Badanamu Calm

What Is Badanamu Calm?

Badanamu Calm is a mindfulness program that uses music created with various scientifically proven, non traditional frequencies which align with our natural brainwave states – blended with natural sounds and satisfying animation. Our purpose is to create an experience which stimulates relaxation and promotes positive emotional clarity for children as well as their parents.

How Does Badanamu Calm Work?

Badanamu Calm is custom designed to encourage specific moods and brainwave functions:


Enjoy increased focus and attention


Get up and go; feel blissful, joyful, and set the stage for more fun


Feel motivated to be productive, active, and to learn


Inspire joy to reawaken
a child’s interest and engagement


Wind down, rest your mind, and release tension


Inspire creativity, focus, and imagination

brainwave STATES

Inside Badanamu Calm

Each production takes us on a 20-minute journey set against the backdrop of 2-3 tranquil scenes and a series of subtle but intriguing events. Calming sounds from nature, sine music, and immersive visual experiences will captivate young viewers, and lead them to the desired mood state.

A pilot program will be ready by Q4 2021.

Product Scalability