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Badanamu Learning:

Badanamu delivers a wide variety of educational content for learners, parents, and teachers. Our holistic learning content includes exciting animated series, videos, songs, and interactive activities. Join Bada and his friends as they explore the wonderful world of Badanamu.

Badanamu Zoo

Join an interactive virtual world of animal fun and learning through live and self-paced classes, developed in collaboration with the Zoological Society of East Anglia (ZSEA).

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Badanamu Stories

Explore themes central to the lives of preschool children filled with wonder and excitement. Learners can enjoy rich narratives while learning common English phrases.

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Badanamu Songs

Enjoy high-quality, educational songs for young learners. Learn about animals, colors, numbers, and much more! Embark on a playful adventure full of love and discovery with the cute and adorable Badanamu friends.

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Badanamu Cadets

Follow Bada and his fellow cadets as they battle against the forces of darkness and keep the world of Badanamu safe. New antagonists devoted to mischief and destruction emerge from the dark forests beyond Wonderwood, and it will take all the cadets’ bravery and careful thinking to stop them.

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ESL Curricula

An integrated 3-year, 5-level ESL program for young learners designed to explore English through the world of Badanamu.

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STEAM Curricula

An integrated 3-year, PreK to Kindergarten program designed to explore science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics through the world of Badanamu.

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