A Young Learner’s GPS

Help parents and teachers understand the best path for their child’s learning journey.


Everything to understand a child’s learning path.

Everything to understand a child’s learning path.

KidsLoop Key Features

Let’s take a look at a few of the key
features we offer.


Data-backed assessments and reporting

Customized assessments meet the needs of your organization and your curriculum. Data-driven reports help you make informed decisions.


We give you the tools to convert your content into an interactive digital format.

Powered by H5P technology, we provide an industry-leading number of ways to digitize and make content come to life!


The future of education in the palm of your hand!

By collecting linguistic, cognitive, and behavioral data, our machine-learning algorithms guide learners down a personalized learning journey.


Utilize interactive technology in the classroom!

We give teachers the ability to directly deliver lessons to their class or have students break away for interactive screen time.

Home Study:

Fun, child-centered learning never stops!

We allow teachers to assign homework for supplemental learning, and provide additional personalized, AI-driven learning recommendations to children!


Bring the classroom home!

We connect teachers and students in a collaborative, interactive environment, creating the complete classroom experience on your computer, tablet, or smartphone!