Play, explore, and learn withBada and his friends!

Badanamu Stories invites the audience into the warm, friendly, exciting, and creative world of Badanamu — a place they will want to visit time and time again.

The stories explore themes central to the lives of preschool children but in ways that inject whimsy, imagination, and wonder into the everyday. Whether it’s a walk in the rain, bath time, or planting a garden, ordinary happenings in Badanamu always burst with extraordinary fun.
In Badanamu, learning and fun exist in perfect harmony. As young viewers immerse themselves in the stories, they naturally soak up important social, emotional, and practical lessons.

Positive Relationship Building

Listening, sharing, respecting others, teamwork, transforming and understanding conflict, emotional development

Creative Learning

Making connections, sustained creative thinking, problem-solving, language and communication cultivation

Fostering Curiosity

Knowledge and understanding of the world, connection to nature, the safe exploration of both outdoor and indoor environments

Explore an exciting world of fun and learning!

Badanamu Stories welcomes viewers into a world of fun, adventure, and wonder that they will want to visit again and again. The warm and adorable characters invite our young audience to join them as they learn, grow, and play. Welcome to Badanamu!

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